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Why do we have a property crime problem?

Consider these possibilities


  1. Very low community watch participation.
  2. We are exactly half way between 2 drug distribution points (Miami/New York).
  3. Lack of Connection and Communication between neighbors.
  4. Turnover of residents do to Military transfers.
  5. Criminals targeting Military families (merchandise purchased from re-enlistment bonuses).
  6. Lack of community engagement in community policing initiatives.
  7. Vacant homes due to deployments.
  8. Lack of security systems.
  9. Dozens of contractors and solicitors gaining access to homes.
  10. Yes, we have a property crime problem, according to FBI reports it is getting worse in our area.
  11.  Together we can reverse this trend and make our Community more Livable.

Together we can reduce crime

Just the Facts Please

  • More than twenty percent of Americans will be a victim of a home invasion or burglary.
  • An estimated 3.8 million homes will be broken into in the United States of America annually. 
  • One-third of all break-ins occur when someone is in the home. 
  • Thirty percent of reported home invasions or burglaries, the victim knew the assailant.
  • One of the most targeted households are that of single parents living with children.
  • Violent burglaries has increased by more than two percent in the last decade. This may seem minuscule but when broken down it equates to nearly four million burglaries totaling an additional eighty thousand victims to these crimes.








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How to start a Community Watch in your Neighborhood

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Are you a Watch Director or Nextdoor Lead?

  • Please contact us for Free/Discounted supplies, Including:
  •  Free Watch Shields for residents in your neighborhood.
  • Branded No Soliciting Signs. 
  • 100 printed post cards to invite your neighborhood to the "nextdoor" community platform.
  • Strike plates to fortify door jams.
  •  Mark your belongings for recovery. https://www.datadotdna.com/
  • Contact us while supplies last. 
  • Supplies are distributed free or at cost with no obligation.

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